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Join me weekly for Learning Lab sessions

They're online, free, secure yet interactive, and explore in ways that youth and adults can learn from.  Learn about the ideas, people and things everyone should understand!


Know it When You See It

What is learning, exactly?  How do you know when it's happened well?  Why do youth learn some things better than adults?  How does one learn to learn?

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STEM Origins:
It Belongs to All of Us

We all throw around the term STEM like it's ours.  Where did it originally come from?  What does it really mean?  The power of the term is not in its precision, but in how it leaves room for all to play a part.

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Exponential Growth: Wrapping our Minds Around...Wait, Too Late!

Our minds are not built to naturally understand some concepts.  Exponential growth is one.  We will hurry up to understand it through real-world examples.

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Bias: Learn About It,

Learn Despite It

Bias is real.  We can't help it, it's impossible to know everything, and we act and learn  based on what we already know.  The best humans recognize it, factor it in, and become less biased...or do they just become more biased toward good things? 

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Persuasion by the High Road

Trying to convince somebody of something?  We all are.  Humans have understood for thousands of years how it happens.  21st century circumstances give persuasion a particular form and critical importance.

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You may be a psycho innovator, but crazy pitch decks don't equal persuasion.  Build pitch decks that make your audience think you're reading their mind.  Apply the principles of persuasion to change the world.

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